Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pack searching

Decided to go to Johnny cee cards and see what they have. I bought two packs. Trademark basketball and a sage football pack. Check out what I got. 

Autos from football. 

Then a relic from basketball. 

Pack searching

So I decided to go check out shopko to see if they have anything new. All the packs been search already. So I search the jumbo packs. And found a prestige jumbo pack with a relic. So I bought it. When I opened it. There it is a Malcolm Floyd relic card. But it was bent in half. Stupid pack searchers. Lol. So a fail on this one. Check it out. Lol

See where his chest is. Yep. Lol

Pack searching

Here are my yogiohs I found at Walmart. 
Check them out. 



Friday, October 11, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pack search.

I forgot to post these up. Yogiho cards I got will searching lol. Check them out. 

They are all shinny lol it didn't look like it in the pictures lol. 

Pack searching

Decided to go take another look at target to see if I miss anything. Noticed a new box of gypsy queen box. So I checked it out and look what I found. 

Bourn, m braves relic.